Thursday, February 18th, 2010
7:00 pm
Hunt Gym Meeting Room


1. Approval of minutes of the previous meetings.

2. Treasurer’s report.

3. Holocaust Memorial Observance plans:
a) Town House, Sunday, April 11, 7:30 pm (booked)
b) Music – Rosalie Gerut (booked)
c) Proclamation
d) Speaker
e) Clergy person
f) Publicity

4. Newsletter:
a) Letter from the Chair
b) Drinking Gourd update
c) Abby Fund event/update
d) ½ page Holocaust Memorial flier
e) Introduction – Chief of Police Barry Neal

5. Drinking Gourd event: Traces of the Trade – March 5.

6. Abby Fund update.

7. Climate for Freedom Award Committee

8. Annual meeting plans

9. Adjournment – 8:45 pm

Reminders: Newsletter deadline – March 1st;
Traces of the Trade – March 5
Abby Fund event – March 26
Holocaust Memorial Observance – April 11
Next HRC meeting – March 18

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