Polly Attwood, Chair
Molly Carocci, Vice Chair
Kristin Allison, Clerk
Steve Zippin, Treasurer: (1/2010-9/2010)
Mary Sheppard, Treasurer (9/2010-present)
Liz Clayton, Newsletter Editor
Lorell Gifford, Webmaster

Formally established in 1979 as a 501c3 , the Council
has a membership of approximately 675 households
in the Concord-Carlisle community, with an Executive
Board that meets monthly.

Our first event of the year was the January Martin Luther
King, Jr., Celebration, held at the Sanborn School. It
was comprised of performances by the Holy Tabernacle
Women’s Ministry Choir, the Willard Fifth Grade
Chorus, Boston Children’s Choir and the CCHS Step
Club. These groups sang separately and then together,
with the Holy Tabernacle Choir shaking the rafters of
Sanborn Auditorium with their incredibly powerful
and moving voices.

In April, the Council coordinated the 30th Annual
Holocaust Memorial on behalf of the Concord Board
of Selectmen. The program featured presentations by
Dr. Martine Emme, daughter and granddaughter of
Nazi officers and Dr. Robert Gerzon, son of Holocaust
survivors. Rosalie Gerut, Cantor at Kerem Shalom,
herself the daughter of survivors, has been a foremost