Concord Housing Development Corporation Charge:
The Concord Housing Development Corporation is charged with broad latitude to facilitate the process of affordable housing projects and creating methods for increasing and maintaining the availability of housing for people with low to middle income, on behalf of the Town. The Committee works closely with all Town Boards, Committees and Departments to identify and volunteer available resources to support the Town’s goal of housing diversity and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen, other Town committees, and Town Meeting.

The Concord Housing Development Corporation has seven voting members, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, for renewable terms of three years. It is desirable to have representation from the following areas, and Committee members are expected to educate themselves as necessary to address issues affected by these areas: land planning, construction, real estate law, government housing, real estate development, and housing financing.

The Concord Housing Development Corporation is responsible for a planning function to create and promote affordable housing opportunities throughout the Town, including education, consensus building, and the development and annual update of an affordable housing plan, encompassing strategies and goals for a five year period.

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