The Concord-San Marcos Sister Cities Committee encourages peace and mutual understanding, and socioeconomic development in Nicaragua, through programs of cultural exchange and economic assistance carried out in a spirit of cooperation by the people of the Town of Concord and the city of San Marcos, Carazo, Nicaragua. The Sister Cities Committee was established in Concord in 1986 by vote of Town Meeting. Its value and importance were reaffirmed by Town Meeting in 1987. The Committee is affiliated with the Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council. Voluntary membership of Concord citizens and voluntary financial support from citizens around the Boston metropolitan region sustain the Committee’s work.

Twenty-five years of cooperation between the two towns have brought about significant achievements. Many Concord citizens have visited San Marcos, and Concordians have had the privilege of receiving San Marcos visitors in Concord on various occasions. Generous contributions from citizens of Concord and supporters from neighboring towns have provided an opportunity for the committee to donate over $100,000 of humanitarian aid to the people of San Marcos. This has taken the form of a fully equipped dental clinic, a medical vehicle, medicines and medical supplies, school furniture, computer hardware and software, sports equipment, clothing, and funds for the improvement of recreational facilities, scholarship funds, the construction of a well in a rural community, and the capitalization of a micro-bank.


Recent visits by Concordians to San Marcos have yielded an awareness of multiple new opportunities, along with a chance to build new relationships with townspeople.

The Sister Cities Committee has been very happy with youth visits organized with the Trinitarian Congregational Church of Concord, Concord Carlisle High School, and individuals who have championed sports and community-service initiatives. Through these visits, countless Concordians have made direct contributions of their friendship and physical labor to the people of San Marcos, all the while learning about Nicaragua with a spirit of generosity.

High school students have begun to plan school-to-school interactions via Skype and to encourage possible visits of San Marcos students to Concord.

Further infrastructure projects await, building upon the success of the well project in El Uval that has brought urgently needed water to a remote village of the municipality.

The committee always welcomes and eagerly solicits fresh ideas from members of the Concord community.

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